CAREER PATH-From musician to hypnotherapist

MY career as a performer began in 1972 aged 15 with my first appearance on guitar and vocals with a band formed at school. I was also in the school orchestra on clarinet. This continued in various other ensembles performing in folk clubs and on leaving school I went traveling with a friend and spent a few years performing in various clubs, restaurants and venues in Paris, Amsterdam and as a professional street performer from New York to Jerusalem. I was then a signed professional musician for the next three years making numerous TV and Radio appearances and touring extensively. Following a university course to consolidate my education in French Studies I was then again in a signed professional group from 1986-1991.  Throughout this time I kept up my musical performances and engaged in some theatre work as musician and actor and composer for dance and visual media and also worked as a TV extra and even got the occasional line! After running a small studio I began working in education in 1997 teaching aspects of the performing arts, mostly focusing on the technology side, performance, production and studio techniques. I ended this phase of my career as a Senior Lecturer in Music Production and Radio Production. Since 2014 I have retrained and qualified in Creative Hypnotherapy and continue to perform, compose, record and produce music of many types and currently play guitar in a jazz trio, play sax in a large swing band and sing in a five person acappela close harmony group.

These experiences have provided me with invaluable insights in respect of the strains and stresses associated with performance, be it in an intimate venue for friends or in a large concert arena or large festival setting or simply making a presentation in the workplace...

As such, I am well positioned to be able to offer hypnotherapy as a lasting solution to performers and public speakers or any individual required to perform on either a personal or professional level who suffers Performance Anxiety.

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